Questions and answers

Q: I will be arriving in Zurich at the beginning of September. Is it possible to move the start of my tenancy from August 1 to September 1?

A: No. Only limited agreements with fixed dates are on offer. Your tenancy can only start in the fall semester as of August 1 and in the spring semester as of February 1. Your tenancy for August or February must be paid even if you do not wish to occupy your room until a later time.

Q: Unfortunately, I have missed the application deadline. Can I still apply for the Alumni House?

A: Late applications are not accepted as a rule. However, late applications may be entered in the waiting list or taken into consideration for the following semester. The application deadline for a room from the fall semester is May 15. For a room from the spring semester, the deadline is November 15.

Q: I will be leaving Zurich two months before the end of my tenancy period. May I sublet my room for this period?

A: No, that is not possible.

Q: Unfortunately, short-notice commitments mean I cannot embark on my student exchange. What will happen with the rent and deposit I have already paid?

A: This depends on the time of your cancellation. As a rule, you must pay the rent until we have found a new tenant. If you cancel at the end of a month and shortly before your date of moving in, we will need the following month to find a new tenant. As we keep comprehensive waiting lists, you do not pay any more than one monthly rent as a rule. The deposit will be refunded to you.

Q: Whom do I need to contact if I have problems with a foreign wire transfer?

A: Administrative matters are taken care of by the WOKO (Student Housing Cooperative Zurich). If you need an invoice, please contact the WOKO directly (

Q: Can wire transfers be made in other currencies than in Swiss francs?

A: As a rule, wire transfers can be made in Swiss francs only. If this is not possible for you, you will need to convert the amount of the first monthly rent and deposit into your national currency and wire it.

Q: Whom do I need to contact to organize my moving-in?

A: You were sent the contact details of your house manager in the Room Confirmation e-mail. Please contact your house manager to organize your arrival.